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Achiever Series: Single Stage (RA14)

Air Conditioners
An air conditioner sits outside the home and compresses a gas called refrigerant. Why? Because the gas is pumped from inside where it has absorbed heat energy from your indoor air. When the air conditioner compresses the gas, it condenses down to a chilled liquid as heat energy is dissipated into the air outside.

Home indoor comfort is about one thing: moving heat energy. During a hot and humid Jersey Shore summer, you want heat energy moved out of your home. So as the air conditioner chills the refrigerant, it is pumped back inside to the indoor coil. Warm air is pulled from the home, and forced through the chilled coil. Heat energy is removed, and the process repeats.

Air conditioners are all electric, and their efficiency is measured with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. The higher this number, the less it costs to cool with the unit. Of course, many other things play into air conditioning efficiency, which is why you need your installation handled by pro’s like Comfort Solutions!

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Achiever Series: Single Stage (RA13)

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