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Lyric™ T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat (RCHT8610WF)


Remember the old school Honeywell thermostats from years ago? A simple device to manually adjust the temperature setting, and that was it. How things have changed!

The Beauty of Modern Thermostats

Modern digital thermostats boast quite a few features that make home comfort control pretty slick. For example, now you can access your thermostat from a smart phone! Imagine turning on the A/C on your way home from work so you’re not met with a heat wave on a hot summer day! You can also program thermostats, which helps save on energy costs. Some thermostats even feature “auto learning” to automatically learn and adjust to your schedule.

And guess what? We’ve barely started talking about possible features.

Get The Right Thermostat

To get the right thermostat for your home and comfort needs, give us a call and we’ll gladly help you! You can reach us at (609) 641-4424.

Lyric™ T6 Pro Wi-Fi Thermostat (TH6320WF2003, TH6220WF2006)